1on1 Mentoring for Photographers

1:1 Photography Mentoring Sessions         Investment: $2500.00*

This is an Advanced Mentorship Photography Program and you have two options:

• 4 Days (32 Hours) over 4 Weeks (Hosted at my downtown studio)

• 2 days a month for 2 months (32 hours; Designed for those with a busy schedule called life!)

1on1 Photography Mentoring is for those who are actively pursuing a career as a professional photographer. This is a great opportunity to have an open discussion and ask me anything; to learn what it takes to make it in the photography industry. I am an open book and want to help those who have a passion for photography and wish to make the transition (not a leap of faith) as a full-time photographer, successfully.

When I first discovered photography in high school I had befriended a couple of professional photographers who worked at Hallmark Cards, Inc. They helped take the mystery out of the camera and show me how I could become a professional photographer. They were the talented John Eagan who traveled nationwide to shoot scenic landscapes, visited the US National Parks to shoot nature and photographed the famous holiday Hallmark ornaments in the studio. The other photographer is the late John Perryman who worked many years for NASA before being hired at Hallmark and had the greatest personality you would ever find in a human being. They told me following my dream was OK, so I did. I never forgot the help they gave me and have always shared my successes, photographic techniques and even my failures with other photographers to better educate them in their career path. If you don’t fail - how will you know when you really succeed?

Over the years I have spoken to countless young photographers, attended career days as a guest speaker in high schools and colleges in both Kansas and Missouri. I was honored to be invited by the University of Central Missouri (UCM) to teach an Advanced Portrait class as an Adjunct Professor and have mentored dozens of assistants in my studio over the years.

What you need to be accepted into the Mentoring program:

1. A passion for photography, the ability to think on your own and listen, learn and take action from what we discuss during your time at the studio.

2. You must own a (Canon or Nikon) DSLR camera and have a basic understanding of your camera and lenses. You need at least one “professional fast lens” (ex: f1.8, f2.8 aperture) Not just kit lenses in your bag. If you don’t have that lens call me and I can make a recommendation as to what lens you should invest in prior to the Mentorship starting. (Based on your interest in a specific field of photography you wish to pursue.) This is the first step in your journey - I’m here to help you.

3. Show up with a positive attitude and prepare for your new chapter - this is the fun part! (Oh and bring a note pad!)

Each Mentorship is uniquely designed for your individual needs and no two Mentorships are the same. I will meet with you first to discuss where you are currently in your photography and what you wish to learn. I will also ask you where you want your career path to lead 1, 3 and 5 years out. This discussion will be the foundation of your Mentorship. Topics that can be covered over your time at the studio:

• Using the studio or going on-location for a portfolio shoot
• Camera Gear (What should I buy and what gear do I really need?)

• Finding Your Photographic Style

• Shooting in the Studio or On-Location
• Lighting Techniques and Modifiers
• Retouching Techniques and Digital Workflow
• Should I create HD Videos? Is it important?
• Finding and Keeping Longterm Clients
• What Should I Charge? What Is Your Time Worth?
• Marketing - Attracting the Right Clients
• Website -vs- Social Media
• Portfolio Development
• Contracts and Business Papers (You will get hard copy prints of mine!)
• Networking and Building a Lasting Brand

You have already done the hard part which is deciding that finding a mentor is a good investment in your business and yourself. Take the time and find the right Mentor for you. Once you find that person the next step is to call and say “Hello my name is…”

Thank you and I look forward to answering that call.

* $500 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to schedule your first sit down (get to know you) meeting and tour the studio. This meeting is not part of your Mentorship Program schedule. References upon request.